CLI Tools


CLI tool for the radiant_mlhub Python client.




Show the version and exit.


Interactively set up radiant_mlhub configuration file.

This tool walks you through setting up a ~/.mlhub/profiles file and adding an API key. If you do not provide a –profile option, it will update the “default” profile. If you do not provide an –api-key option, you will be prompted to enter an API key by the tool.

If you need to change the location of the profiles file, set the MLHUB_HOME environment variable before running this command.

For details on profiles and authentication for the radiant_mlhub client, please see the official Authentication documentation:

mlhub configure [OPTIONS]


--profile <profile>

The name of the profile to configure.

--api-key <api_key>

The API key to use for this profile.